This festive season gift some joy to yourself

This festive season gift some joy to yourself


The coming festive season is bringing along a bunch of holidays and weekends. If you have not yet made plans with your family and have secluded yourself to a quiet weekend in your hostel room, we have come up with a bunch of exotic, mind-blowing ideas that you won’t be able to stop yourself from executing. Living in Metropolitan cities, you experience noise and hurray around you every day, but it is not centred on you. Which is why plan a me-time centric vacation this year. Not reaching out to your family is anyways taking a hard time and a toll on you. From the craziest moods and personalities to the easiest pyjama lovers find everything here for every spirit and every person and make your holidays just as special as they have been since forever.

Order a cake for yourself.

Sitting alone in your PG hostel, your most favoured food item would probably be Maggi. To top that it is very little you can do. But wonders like online cake delivery in Gurgaon will take you on a scrumptious road down your heart. You probably know your favourite flavour and the topping you like with it so just order. However, we do refer and motivate you to go a little experimental this time and push your limits.

Go for shopping 

One easy and reliable stress-relieving idea people do in movies and real-life that is shopping. It is very intriguing for girls mostly. Go to your favourite brands wearing your favourite attire, try everything they have in the shop and pick the top once that you just can’t take your eyes off. Remember to take a long time, so you don’t have to stop your heart from going for what you really want. If it goes in the reverse direction, a glitch in the shopping spree can take a significant toll on your mood.

Order your favourite food. 

Being in pg hostels, we don’t think you are missing out on food. But you are crunching on your budget. Knowing the calendar by heart and with jot down points of the festive weekend what you can do is be strict on a budget for an accountable number of days so you can go lavish when the time is here. Order pizza, chicken biryani, snacks and drinks, have a little party with yourself in your favourite comfortable pyjama streaming the favourite episode you love, and it should take your mind off everything that’s not been going in the right direction.

Go for a solo trip. 

If you can’t travel back or fly back to where your family and friends are, you can go for a solo trip near to where you reside. Pack a backpack with the rowdy gears and go with a troop to a mountain top or sail the sea, go sunbathing in the hot sand. Take along a fully charged camera so you can take all these beautiful moments you are about to have with yourself. Book a comfortable hotel where you can jump on the bed and relive the childhood days when you used to go out with your parents worry-free.

Get a massage.

With so many online platforms providing massages in the comforts of your home, you can book one for yourself to. A parlor session is also similar to this idea. Dress up in your dirtiest of clothes, tie back your hair and let the excellent person take all the stress of your body and relieve you of all the worrisome ideas crawling in your brain. The scented candles and the fragrant oils will definitely make a fulfilling day out of your hectic one.

If above mentioned any of the items seem too extravagant and outdoorsy to you, fix a date with your own self in the premises of your own house. There can’t be anything better than that. Buy skin care products do a full day of scrubbing and masking, bringing your skin back to perfection. Let the music play on high volume or binge-watch your favourite series. Have a tub of ice cream of popcorn in your lap and watch time go by just as you relax and do nothing but only chill.

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