The Global Candy Market’s Major Trends



The worldwide candy sector is continually evolving. There has been a significant surge in the consumption of candy due to global health concerns as a result of Covid-19. Small portions have become increasingly popular as many customers shift from the habitual three foods each day.  Confectionary consumption is still on the rise, despite its numerous health benefits.

The Confectionery Market’s Changing Trend

In the next several years, until 2024, the worldwide confectionery industry is expected to rise at a CAGR of 3.45 percent. Snacks have taken the place of meals due to people’s hectic lifestyles. Consumer eating habits are changing, indicating the rise of convenience foods, which reflects the confectionery industry’s expansion. The other major area is sugar confectionery. Here is a list of major trends in the confectionery industry:

Dark Chocolate preference

Dark chocolate sales are expected to surpass those of ordinary chocolate, according to a recent Euromonitor prediction. This transition will be driven by consumers’ growing desire to combine a healthy lifestyle with indulgence, and dark chocolate, with its nutritional benefits, fits the bill wonderfully. Chocolates with sweetened fruits and nuts instead of sugar have been introduced as a result of the transition.

Snacks Made with Plants

Snack bars made with plant-based ingredients have grown in popularity among consumers who choose natural, healthful products in recent years.

Keep an eye on the sustainability

Sustainability is becoming a hot topic in the confectionery sector and among customers who are willing to pay a premium for investments made in ecologically beneficial causes.

Choosing Nutritionally Beneficial Snacks

Before purchasing a snack, consumers assess the ingredients, calorie content, and flavor. They are prepared to compensate for nutrient-dense meals with nutrient-dense snacks, while some cultural influences on flavor are region-specific.

Sugar-free confectionery has become increasingly popular

Sugar-free confectionery, such as the renowned sugar-free boiled sweets, is becoming increasingly popular among health-conscious consumers. These things have a variety of health benefits, including increased energy and a sense of well-being.

Observing Dietary Recommendations

Dietary recommendations have a big impact on the food sector. Dairy products have become the favored snacking option due to the increased popularity of keto diets and the adoption of a low-carb lifestyle. Single-serve cottage cheese, sour cream, and cheese cubes are becoming increasingly popular in a healthy snacking strategy.

A Bright Future

The global snack food business is expected to increase by $217.2 billion in the next several years (source: PR Newswire). There will be a significant shift to nutritious snacks as the number of health-conscious customers worldwide grows. The confectionery sector is evolving at a slow pace to meet this changing demand.


Despite the global health crisis and recession caused by Covid-19, the snacking and confectionery business flourished. Consumers are willing to spend more on healthier snacks that don’t sacrifice flavor. Consumers are searching for convenience foods, and eating nutritious snacks on the go is still a great way to get some energy.

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