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The game of cricket for some people is life and soul. The true spirit of patriotism is shadowed when team India is in the stadium. The heart starts pumping at high speeds, with the body jumping out to cheer for the country. The enthusiasm and the scene of the fan followers at the stadium are mesmerizing. The bond that every Indian share with the game of cricket is quite different. Whether it is kids, youth or our senior generation, the game of cricket is enjoyed by everyone.

With so much to the game, the online gaming sector is also growing very rapidly. The trends of fantasy cricket game are becoming enormous and thrilling. These gaming platforms have been built with a mission to redefine sports.With the introduction of the Twenty20 format and other leagues across the world, the magnitude and popularity of online cricket has reached the sky.

Let’s see more about fantasy cricket in detail-

What is Fantasy cricket?

Bringing cricket to the online platform with a world of fantasy and real team players, the cricket games online is gaining acceptance by everyone. The game involves putting 11 players on the virtual platform. When the player performance is overmarked in the series, the owner of the team is rewarded with score points. Being the team selector, one must choose the team of players who can be relied upon and have great past performance records. Each time the team players can be changed. The game offers an opportunity to make money from the virtual gaming platform.

Progression in the game of fantasy cricket- With the technological trends, fantasy cricket has also seen a lot of positive changes in the layout. These latest trends have made the game more interesting, expanding the overall market for the game users and also the game makers.

  • Rapid increase seen in the new participants- Cricket is like a God in our country. People just stick to their television whenever there is a match. This spirit towards the game is attracting more and more people every day to fantasy cricket. Many studies show that at present approximately 7 million people are associated with fantasy sports.
  • Preference for playing games on mobile phones- The faster communication network and technology improvement with the latest smartphones in the market has made it quite easy for gamers to stick to the format on their mobile phones. Though people play on their laptops and computers too but the rate of playing on mobile phone is much higher as the application is user friendly.
  • Daily gaming is becoming a custom- In earlier times, people played cricket games very seldom. With the increase in the amount of cash prizes and other prizes, coupons and freebies the fantasy games playing has become a trend. The frequent players of games have increased in number.
  • Female cricket fan following- The modernization of society has seen with more of female cricket fans coming forward to play the fantasy games. This is the best platform to express passion for the game by participating in online genre. Females are equally coming up showing their interest and winning a lot of cash prizes everyday.
  • Daily gaming for shorter formats- Many players are taking this online fantasy cricket as a platform for shorter versions of games like India Premiere league and BBL (conducted in Australia) to enjoy the game of pride.
  • Players can use experience and insights on the game- Cricket is loved by everyone. This online game playing helps players to use their own experience according to their insights by selecting their own team. The best part is that every single action or move in the game makes the game more and more interesting.
  • User friendly application- The smartphone users can easily download the app from the play store and have an excellent gameplay experience. These games are being played at a very large scale that needs no introduction. With good internet connectivity one can play it without any hurdles and win huge prizes.
  • Variety of leagues- With more and more players being attached to the game, the fantasy cricket has experienced a variety of contests and matches for the players. With millions of users and viewers of the game, the platform has become a popular and engaging one.


The players moving along with the trends in the fantasy cricket has been seen enjoying it with both fun and cash prizes. Like to be updated regarding anything, one is required to read a newspaper, in the similar manner, reading fantasy cricket news is also a must. Staying updated will help in getting tips to make the best team. Playing online game is a complete skill-based game that depends entirely on the understanding of sports and some on instincts. Creating a match-winning team with best performing players should be done wisely keeping in mind conditions like-

  • Toss
  • Condition of pitch and weather.
  • Strength and weaknesses of players.
  • Captain and vice-captain.
  • Track record of the players.
  • Choosing players who can get bonus scores and so on.

Even the expert analysis of the game can also be taken before starting the game. Choose the best gaming app which gives an online gaming experience that is user friendly. These gaming platforms of fantasy cricket helps to gain a lot from its monthly promotions, referral bonuses, top rewards, cash prizes and coupons etc.Look for app that is safe, secure and has a trusted gaming environment. With patience, persistence and skills one can earn huge money from cricket games. These virtual games have a transparent approach to all the selection, and distribution of prizes to winners, etc.

Monetize the sports skills and get a chance to earn money prevailing luck culture through these gaming apps. These fantasy cricket has everything in one place, whether it is fun, entertainment or sports. Just keep in mind to stay away from fraudulent apps and download only a trustworthy app to make your game shine. Make your team, earn reward money and withdraw it easily through various safe UPI modes of transactions.

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