Mind Over Ball: Coaching Techniques to Sharpen Your Shooting Focus

coaching for basketball shooting


In today’s world, it is easy to get distracted. We now live in a world that is overloaded with sensory products like TVs, computers, smartphones, etc. It even happens in sports when you experience several things simultaneously — coaches yelling, whistles blowing, and fans cheering.

All these distractions can make it difficult for young players to concentrate during the basketball game. Even if you have ability and skill-set, but lack shooting focus, you may find it difficult to achieve success in the game.

Here is some intrinsic coaching for basketball shooting to help you boost concentration and focus in the game.

Set Goals

Setting goals is not limited to only sports but in life as well. When you set goals, you allow yourself to move forward with a sharpened focus and achieve the desired outcome. Whether you are practicing rebounding net basketball or shooting during the actual game, you need to focus and concentrate to gain success.

If you want to get better at shooting, try to set realistic goals on a basketball shooting machine and then move on to higher goals. Start with a goal of making 10 shots in a row, then 15, 25, and so on.

If you set hard goals at the start, you will feel demotivated and lose your concentration in the process. Set challenging (but not unattainable), clear, and measurable goals that will enable you to focus better and achieve the goals.

Similarly, when you are playing with a team, set team goals like achieving a certain number of wins, getting better as a defensive team, or drilling more with fewer mistakes. Teamwork on the gaming court can be improved only when all the players concentrate fully during the game.

Form Routines

You can improve your abilities and skills in basketball, only when you develop certain habits.  The more you practice, the better you get at it. So, when you develop routines, you will be able to focus and perform better.

When you develop routines for simple tasks such as how to warm up before the game, how to play defense, how to shoot a free throw, etc., your mind will be more relaxed. This will allow you to concentrate on the complex areas of the game because now you know how to deal with the monotonous occurrences of the basketball game.

Maintain Your Health

If you want to get better at shooting on a basketball return machine or overall, as a basketball player, you need to take care of your health first. Eat healthy and follow a healthy lifestyle as these factors will boost your concentration levels during the game.

You must also get proper rest before the game. Do not overwork yourself or keep practicing on a shooting machine basketball the entire night before the game, as it will negatively impact the game. Eat healthy food and get plenty of sleep the night before the game to stay refreshed during the game and concentrate better.

Focus More on the Controllable Factors

In a basketball game, you can experience all types of emotions and atmosphere — coaches losing their minds, teammates arguing, refs disagreeing, etc. You can’t control what the referees conclude, think, or feel. If you lose your mind over things you can’t control, it will get difficult for you to achieve your goals.

Rather focus on things such as how you communicate with your team, how you work on offense as a team, how you play defense, how to perform as an off-ball player, etc. When you concentrate only on your performance, both individually and as a team, you will be able to achieve greater success.


To become a better basketball player, you are required to not only improve your skills but also your concentration power. When you concentrate better, you will be able to improve your shooting techniques, communicate better, and perform as a team better. Set realistic yet challenging goals, maintain your health, focus on things you can control during the game, and develop routines to boost your focus during the game.

Whether you are practicing on an automatic basketball return or shooting on the actual game day, concentration can make or break your game. You will only get better at the game when you focus better.

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