How to play fantasy cricket match?

How to play fantasy cricket match?


We all know how much Indian people have a craze for cricket. We can see many children and even youngsters playing cricket in almost every street in the country. Even cricket star players are loved and even some are worshipped as the god of cricket in India. But due to the pandemic all over the world, people have to sit at home. They missed playing cricket and even the local Indian league was canceled due to this issue. Don’t worry we live in a world where every problem has a solution, so is in this case. With the help of technology, even this problem is solved, as many games are designed which can be played online. Not online this you also win great prizes by winning games. So people have started to play fantasy cricket and win cash daily. Isn’t that exciting?

For playing fantasy cricket you just need to follow certain steps and you will be good to go to earn cash prizes. Let’s have a look at them.

  • If you are a new person who is going to play fantasy cricket. You first need to create your account on the online gaming platform. You just need to provide some basic information along with minimal charges for logging in. these charges are reverted as a cashback so that you can join any match with that money.
  • Soon after logging in create your team of eleven members which will include one wicketkeeper, three to five batsmen, and three to give bowler, and one to three all-rounders. You will be provided with a budget of one thousand gems, you can select the players accordingly.
  • In the team, you need to select one captain and a one-star player. It will be better than both the players must not be the same. As the scoring pattern of both the players is different i.e. star players earn two times of his performance whereas captain earns the one and half times of the points. You can select the type of math you want to play, even you can participate in various leagues that are going on live. Once you start the game, the score will start adding, and at the end of the match total score and player, the ranking will be displayed to you.

These are the common criteria that are followed by every person who wants to play fantasy cricket. The most important thing about this is the team. Its selection is also very important. Now let’s have a look at the important points that are to be considered while selecting different players.

  • For batsmen: Maximum of five and a minimum of three batsmen can be included in a team at a point. The selection of the batsmen depends upon the pitch. If the pitch is a batting pitch go for more batsmen and if it a bowling pitch go for a fewer number of batsmen. Always check the previous records of the player before selecting him. Never select both opening batsmen from the same team. Select batsmen that can bowl as well. It will be better to select the batsmen according to their position in the existing team.
  • For bowlers: There is the requirement of a minimum of three bowlers and a maximum of five bowlers in the team. The selection of the number of bowlers depends upon the batting line up of the team. Pick different bowlers from a different team. Don’t get dependent only on one team. It will be better to select one fast bowler, one spinner, and one death bowler from different teams. It will be better to avoid bowlers who have a good economy rate but don’t take wickets.
  • For wicketkeeper: There is a requirement of only one wicketkeeper in the team but you can select one more for standby. The selection of wicketkeepers will be quite interesting as they will earn a score from both batting and wicket keeping. Before selecting the wicket-keeper always check his records in previous matches.
  • For all-rounders: The most important players of the team are all-rounders. There is the requirement of a minimum of one all-rounder player and a maximum of three all-rounder player. Select that all-rounder player that not only bats well but also bowl well.
  • For captain and star player: You need to select a one-star player and one captain. Both these players should be from different teams. It will be better not to select both these players as one player because of the scoring pattern.

So these are things that are to be considered while selecting the team members of your fantasy cricket. There is various fantasy cricket league in which you can participate easily. There are certain rules and regulations to follow.

  • The person can either go with T10’s and T20’s matches, according to the preference. Even you can go with different types of leagues as well.
  • The person who scores nothing and gets out after facing more than one ball is declared to be a duck. It is only applicable to wicketkeeper, batsmen, and all-rounder.
  • The strike rate is calculated for batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounder.
  • If the captain’s scores are in decimals, then that scores are rounded off to the next digit.
  • In any case, there is a tie between the two teams, then one super over is conducted and the results of this will finalize the winner.

So these are the certain rules of playing fantasy cricket. Playing fantasy games have become one of the most favorite time pass for people. The major benefit of playing these games is the great cash prizes that promote the interest of people towards this. Many online platforms are popular for gaming but you need to check which platform is legalized for gaming purposes. At the time of such a pandemic, people have earned lots of money just by sitting at home. You can easily take part in various other online games that are available there. In this way, you can make your team with your favorite players, and definitely, you will enjoy playing the matches.

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