Are Frequent Flyer Programs the Best Customer Loyalty Programs? Find Out

Frequent Flyer Programs the Best Customer Loyalty Programs


Loyalty programs have a lot to offer to people who use their services regularly in terms of amazing perks and top-tier treatment. Out of many types of customer loyalty programs, frequent flyer programs are especially popular. Read on to discover the benefits of signing up for a frequent flyer membership.

What is a loyalty rewards program? It is an initiative aimed at building lasting relationships by incentivising customers with rewards like discounts, better prices and special offers for their consistent patronage. While almost every industry that deals with retail consumers has loyalty membership programs, each of these has its own pros and cons. While the pros could be different for each of these programs, most of these share a common con. They do not let their customers take advantage of other services. For instance, a hotel loyalty program will only let you earn/redeem points when you buy a service or product from one of the hotel branches. However, the same cannot be said for a frequent flyer program.

How are Frequent Flyer Programs Different?

The airline industry also operates on the same lines. Their miles-based frequent flyer program is used for enticing consumers with perks so that they keep coming back for more. Frequent flyers can enjoy exclusive benefits and priority services on the ground and in the air.  However, many of these programs have one basic advantage over other types of programs. They let you take advantage of services across sectors such as hotel, restaurants, shopping, etc. to earn/redeem points. Let’s delve deeper into a few reasons that make frequent flyer programs the best type of customer loyalty program.

  • Non-Travel Related Benefits
  • Incredible Perks & Lifestyle Rewards: The biggest advantage of enrolling with the frequent flyer program is that you’ll earn miles whenever you travel with the chosen airline or transact with any of its attractive lifestyle partners. These lifestyle partners could be hotels, restaurants, spas, wellness centres and more. Once you build a stack of miles, it can be redeemed for incredible benefits like free flight tickets, complimentary seat select, free inflight meals, baggage fee waivers and other lifestyle perks such as a discount on hotel bookings, rental cars, and even filling fuel in your car.
  • One Program for all your Points: A frequent flyer program with a good network of tie-ups can help you centralise all your points at one place. As a customer, it can be challenging to manage so many loyalty programs. However, frequent flyer memberships let you earn and redeem points across many non-travel related services as well, such as paying utility bills, filling fuel, subscribing to magazines, etc. Moreover, some programs also let you convert points into air miles or points from other programs that you may be subscribed to.
  • Travel Related Benefits
  • First-Class Upgrades: Imagine buying an economy ticket and then getting ‘bumped’ to a premium class with wider seats, more legroom, and extra space to stow your bags? The first-class accommodation is pretty steep and beyond the budget of an average person. But if you have a frequent flyer status, it’s possible. The chance of getting an upgrade is higher for passengers with elite traveller status as airlines are known to reward their loyal customers.
  • Lounge Access: You don’t have to be super rich or travel in business class to access the swanky airport lounges. If you have the elite status of a frequent flyer scheme, you can book an economy class and still use the lounges that offer good food, drinks, and other comforts for free. This is a blessing when you are fatigued after a long haul or have to wait around at the airport during layovers. It’s prudent, however, to confirm if you are eligible since rules can vary from airline to airline.

Be Smart and Enrol into a Frequent Flyer Program

Customer loyalty programs are really worthwhile if used. A frequent flyer program with good partner networks makes it convenient for its members to use the program and take its advantage.  And yes, enrolment is free for most of these programs. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the coveted frequent flyer card to accrue miles faster and reap the benefits that come with it.

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