7 Safe hiking tips with your kids – See what experts have to say

7 Safe hiking tips with your kids – See what experts have to say


Parents nowadays are fighting the constant battle of how to get their kids off their gadget addiction. During summers, it is a huge challenge to push them outdoors as they are always glued to their iPads playing their favorite games. There is one solution that you can trick on them – take them on a hike!

Now if you’re a confused parent who doesn’t know how to take your kids to a hike, we are here to give 7 points.

Try to share the hiking plans with others

If you have finalised your plan about going out on a hiking with your kids, make sure you discuss this plan with others. Tell them when you’re going out and when you’ll be back. Leave a copy of your hike trail and highlight the route on which you’re going to travel so that they can help you out if needed.

2. Carry sufficient water and food

When you’re hiking with your kids, carry more food and water than what you may need. The most essential thing to carry is water and the amount you may need will depend on your temperature, terrain and age. Motivate your kids to stay hydrated as this will make them energetic.

3. Be ready for weather challenges

In case you’re out for hiking in the mountains, ensure every person in your group has an extra layer of stockings, caps and fleece jackets. You may suddenly be welcomed by rain or thunder and lightning that may change the temperature for worse. Dress your child in a warm manner, particularly if they’re walking.

4. Carry a first aid kit

No matter whether you’re on a hike with your kids or with elders, you should always carry a first aid kit. The few things that should definitely be there in the kit are antibacterial ointment, bandages, tapes to close wounds, tweezers, gauze, moleskin for blisters, acne bandages and ibuprofen

5. Arm your kid with safety wear

Each of the kids in the hike should carry their small backpacks or fanny pack. It should minimum carry a jacket, a whistle and an extra layer of fleece jackets. Water is a must for each kid. In case a child gets separated from you, they should have the gear with them to survive.

6. Don’t get separated

Teach the kids to always keep you in sight and wait at trail junctions to take rest. Tell them how they should maintain and stay on the same trail. Dress them in bright colors so that you can differentiate one from another.

7. Tell them what to do if they get lost

Preparation is an art. When you are hiking with your kids, make sure you teach them what they should do in case they get lost. They should stop, find a tree, make a nest and stay there unless someone arrives to rescue you. The whistle should be used only during an emergency.

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