What is an Approximate Life Span of a Dryer?

What is an Approximate Life Span of a Dryer?


A washing machine dryer is a thing of utmost use and one of the most required appliances, especially during the winter and the rainy season. You can never manage your laundry effectively if your dryer is at fault. 

The sun does not shine with that intense heat during winter and rainy season that your clothes can dry up with the natural heat. The fault in your dryer either make you spend extra bucks to seek professional help from the professional laundry service providers or compromise with your office or casual wear. 

You have another option to fix your dryer issue that is Dryer Repair. However, for that, you must call an efficient repair service provider near you and get your dryer tested. Not all the situations in an electronic appliance can be fixed, but that does not mean that you will discard your device straight away. You should always prefer to check your device at home first if you fail to fix or diagnose the fault, then call for the Appliance Repair service provider near you. 

Well, you have no option over replacement, if the service provider also denies repairing your dryer due to the age of the appliance.

What is the age or life-span of a dryer? 

How does it matter to determine the Dryer repair or replacement of an appliance?

Like human beings, appliances or electronic devices also have a predefined age. For instance, here, if we consider the life span of the standard clothes dryer it is six to nine years. 

Now, you might wonder why the life span of an appliance is variable, and not fixed? So, there are several factors that determine the age of an appliance. Continue to read the blog, to have a better idea.

Factors Determining the Age of a Dryer:

If a technician says no to your Dryer Repair due to the ageing of your device, you must accept his recommendation. Because even if you continue to repair with an overage of your appliance then it will call for repair and maintenance again and again. The process will hamper your time and pocket both. 

Here is the list of the factors that determine the age of your dryer:

  • The brand or the quality of the product you use
  • The energy efficiency of your appliance
  • Frequency of use of the dryer by the user
  • How correctly do you handle your device? Do you follow the instructions for use?
  • Guaranty and warranty period of your device
  • Repair done on the appliance in the past
  • In case, you have replaced any of the parts of your dryer, did you use the local or branded product
  • Power supply to your device
  • Maintenance offered to the dryer
  • Whether the service is provided to the appliance on time or not

When you bring an electronic appliance with you at your home, you bring responsibility along. You cannot directly seek all the luxuries and comforts offered by an electronic appliance without fulfilling the minimum maintenance requirements of the device.

Thus, if you make the standard use of the device, you can make it last longer. On the contrary, if you do not satisfy the primary requirements of use, your appliance is at fault earlier than expected. 

By what age is it acceptable to repair a dryer?

Not only for the Dryer Repair but also for any of the appliance repair, the technicians refer to perform the device fixes if the appliance is within 50% of its total lifespan.

 Therefore, if you have used your dryer for three to five years, and it is at fault due to any of the random cause, you can call a repair person. However, if you have used the appliance for eight to ten years, and there is some major fault; it is better to replace the dryer. 

Even if you get your appliance repaired after an ideal life span, you will not be able to avail of satisfactory performance. 

It will demand a repair on and off. In the end, in the willingness of saving the cost of replacement, you will end up making undesired expenses on the repair that are not even worth it.

Final Words:

Repair of an appliance is always a better option over replacement but for that, your appliance must satisfy the prerequisites to avail the repair services.

The life of a dryer is comparatively less than other appliances. So, for a Dryer Repair, it is better that you seek advice from a professional.

The technicians, appliance engineers, and the serviceman can guide you to make a wise decision over a layman. Just like the health, condition of an individual is unique, in a similar way the technical situation of your appliance varies from one another. You cannot opt for repair if your friend did. It entirely depends on the customised condition of your electrical and electronic appliances. 

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