What are the duties and responsibilities of a doctor?

the duties and responsibilities of a doctor


Doctors are given the status of God for our society. It is the doctors who save people’s lives from any kind of disease. Their whole day is spent serving people. They act as a leader in health services and give a lot of contribution to our society’s health. Doctors do a specialization in diagnosing, treating, and preventing the patients from diseases. In the medical study, a student has the right to choose their specialization in a specific field like some medical student like to do their specialization in heart surgery who later known as a cardiologist. Similarly, there are many specialties in the medical field. Doctors get advanced training in medicines at the time of their medical studies. Whenever they complete their medical school they have to do an internship for two years duration. Here they become experts in their specialization. After completing their studies, they need to register themselves on the government register board then can they start their practice in hospitals or clinics. Hospitals include doctors with different specialties under the same roof. They are the complete solution to all kinds of diseases. Bashir dawood a multi-specialty hospital is popular for its best services. They have experienced surgeons and physicians in their hospitals. It is important for us to know a good hospital is made because of better and experienced doctors and their cooperative nursing staff. They should have the facility to provide all kinds of service there and patients do not need to go outside for different tests. Doctors act as a leader for the medical field. The common role of each doctor Is to work on their patient’s safety and improve the quality of treatment. They have some duties and responsibilities towards their patients. These are:

1. For a sensible doctor, they consider it as their duty to attend to the patients at the time of an emergency. 2. They start their treatment by detecting the disease and get the history of a patient. 3. They ask for variant body tests if thought it is necessary for their patient’s health. 4. Life of their patients are most important and they have to save them anyhow they can. This is the principle on which doctor’s work. 5. Doctors have the responsibility to give better treatment to patients at the right time. 6. Before prescribing any new medicine, the doctor has to know about it and find out its side effects.

Conclusion: Doctors are an important part of our society. They are the people who keep our society safe from diseases and make a patient recover from the disease. It is a duty to do their job with a pure heart and contribute their services to society.

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