Reasons to Buy Sustainable and Recycled Pens for Your Business Promotions

Reasons to Buy Sustainable and Recycled Pens for Your Business Promotions


Recyclable products are always a better choice. If you are aware of global warming and concerned about saving our planet, then you will only consider buying eco friendly products. Going green is not only the latest trend, but a great step towards saving our planet from all kinds of pollution and destructions.

Recyclable products are those that can be made into a new product when thrown into trash, which is good for our environment. Every eco conscious individual seeks for products that can be recyclable and are biodegradable. So, when you buy a new product, check for the recycled content.

Why to Buy Recycled Sustainable Pens

Disposable Pens

Disposable pens are attractive, cheap and convenient to use. These pens come in a wide range of varieties. Pens are mostly used as promotional gifts for distributing in their events by companies and organizations. We often buy a disposable pen whenever we need even If we have a dozen at our home or in office!

Everyone will be throwing them away if it is dried out or used up. Disposable pens are made of plastic and other raw materials that can’t be recycled or decomposed. Just think of the huge amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfill or floats in the water bodies, polluting the environment when you buy your next disposable pen.

Sustainable Pens

Though disposable pens are considered as cheap, if you compare the cost in the long run with other benefits of reusable pens, then the latter are the best option to choose. These eco-friendly pens are made with recycled or recyclable materials like cardboard, paper, recycled plastic etc., that are completely environment friendly.

These pens are compostable and biodegradable leaving no or minimal toxic residue. Since recycled materials are used in production process the cost will be comparatively lesser. By using sustainable pens, you meet your needs without compromising on being eco friendly while keeping the plastic waste out from landfill.

Many organizations have become environmentally aware and are shifting their normal production process to sustainable process. Changing to green process also lessens the dependence on nonrenewable energy. People have a more positive view when they see sustainable products, thus there is a scope for wider market access.

Nowadays, many providers produce recyclable and sustainable pens to meet the rising demand. If you are choosing pens as promotional gifts, then these sustainable ones are the best choice with your company name or logo on it. Customized pens will match your company aesthetics with a recyclable symbol as an added value, and create a positive image, which shows you are a green company.

If you are an individual or business and searching for a good manufacturer of green products, then Custom Earth Promos, based in Delray Beach, Florida State, USA is one of the best providers for compostable, biodegradable recyclable pens. Custom Earth Promos is an eco friendly company that provides various types of earth friendly products. With their in house professionals you can customize your attractive and creative pens at lesser cost.


Take a step forward towards eco-consciousness and help save the environment in every possible way you can. Let’s make a difference together and become socially responsive.

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