Perfect portal is a profitable communications platform

Perfect portal is a profitable communications platform


Since the foundation of telephone systems, companies have paid huge sums of traditional telecommunications companies, sometimes reaching tens of thousands of dollars, burning any company’s budget to such an extent that some companies hesitated to pick up the phone and make calls. telephone, However, the solution does not minimize your calls, but instead changes the platform on which your system is located.

Traditional telecommunications company

A recent report showed that a traditional telecommunications company charges obscene amounts from its customers that are not necessary, and in some cases, they reach 300-1000% of the rates. According to Australian Communications Minister Stephen Conroy, and his New Zealand counterpart, Amy Adams, every time he answers and calls or accesses the Internet using his mobile phone, the telecommunications company charges excessive prices for its services and consumers or They even notice. Both ministers proposed to legislatively strengthen the regulatory mechanism, set an industry standard and set a price limit for both retailers and wholesalers.

The report clearly shows how high the current rates applied by these companies are, although this is a good start, and companies still have to wait until some regulation is necessary. But, fortunately, a new innovative form of communication solution platform for conveyancers & lawyers is constantly being developed and is expected to reach 770% of global growth in the next three years, mainly due to its ability to reduce telephony costs by half, without requiring a fortune for deployment.

Benefits of the communication solution

The Perfectportal is another service offered by service providers. The idea of ​​technology is to use the Internet as the main transmission platform, significantly reducing dialing speeds and eliminating the need for a primary speed interface or PRI. The latter makes a significant contribution to the rapid growth of accounts along with other expenses, such as line rental.

Although there are still line rental services in the Perfectportal telephone system, the rates are much lower and you only need to pay the actual lines you use, unlike the traditional telephone systems that require There was one line for each extension, that is, it pays monthly only for being inactive and useless.

 It may be more realistic to position investment communicators as those that can influence the development of a corporate strategy, and warn about a business strategy that can become a strong risk factor if it is not planned correctly. If the corporate strategy is not understood correctly and is not used as the basis for business planning, this may be the beginning of unsatisfactory work with the actions.

The understanding of the world of investments, its dynamics, influence, and investors is not negotiable. Understanding communication as science and art is equivalent to this! The combination of corporate, commercial, investment and communication strategy is a challenge. You may have a lot of knowledge about the world of investments, but you can communicate effectively with investors. Similarly, it can be a major marketer in manufacturing and retail or a financial journalist. Will these areas make it a universal communicator for investors? Maybe, but it’s not possible if you can’t think strategically!


In addition to voice calls, the Perfect portal is also capable of handling other types of communication flows, such as data and other multimedia elements. It combines all your communication needs in a central location, further reducing your overhead.

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