Jack Elway Sheds Light On The Exceptional Football History Of His Family

Jack Elway Sheds Light On The Exceptional Football History Of His Family


John Albert “Jack” Elway III is largely famed as being the son of John Elway, who is an incredibly popular former quarterback and now the general manager of the NFL Denver Bronco. Jack Elway initially followed the footsteps of his father and grandfather, and joined the world of football. He used to be the quarterback for his high school team, and eventually was signed by the Arizona State University football team for a brief period of time.

Jack Elway talks about his incredible football legacy

Like many American kids, John Albert “Jack” Elway III has also been playing the game of football from the very first grade. Due to his family history, Jack has been surrounded by football throughout his life. While his father has been a winner of two Super Bowls, his grandfather made his name as an extremely renowned and well-accomplished college football coach.  Owing to this history, for a significant period of time, Jack Elway also defined himself by the glorious football legacy of his family. From quite an early age he had accepted that he would always be known and identified as the son of a football legend.

Jack’s father, John Elway is currently the general manager and the President of Football Operations of the highly prestigious Denver Broncos team of NFL [National Football League]. In his remarkable career as a football quarterback, John had delivered consecutively two Super Bowl wins for the Denver Broncos team. He gave one of the most noteworthy and memorable performances in the history of NFL in January of 1987. John Elway assisted in engineering a 98-yard game touchdown drive which ultimately went to end in a tie at the AFC Championship Game, against a match against the team of Cleveland Brown. In the role of the quarterback of the Denver Broncos team, John additionally has led his team into several prominent games, including six AFC Championship Games and five Super Bowls. Due to his great record, he became a part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2004.

Jack Elway has a high level of admiration and respect for the legacy of his father. He always mentions that it does not bother him when the majority of people tend to recognize him due to his famous last name. He has spent a good amount of his younger days in trying to live up to the legacy of his father and carry make his mark in the world of football. He did whatever he could as a kid to excel in the game of football and please his father and grandfather. However, no matter the genetics, not everyone can have the same talent level and skill-sets. Jack also didn’t share the incredible football talent of his father. This setback, however, could not deter the success of Jack Elway. He, in fact, created a great career path of his own as per his interest, and established his own hat company known as Mint Tradition.

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