Buying Real CBD Oil from Amazon

Buying Real CBD Oil from Amazon


Once you think about buying a gift or something for your house, you will automatically think of online shopping. Ever since the pandemic began many months ago, many people prefer online shopping rather than going to the mall. Of course, it’s an extra precaution because it would be a huge risk if you go to crowded places. Since then, online retail shops like Amazon skyrocketed and became as busy as ever with many people online shopping.

Sadly, not everything that you are looking for can be found on Amazon. One of these products is CBD Oils. If ever you and your friends are wondering “Is CBD sold on Amazon?” the short answer is no. But let’s find out the many reasons why and where you could buy legitimate CBD Oil instead.

The Long Reason Why Amazon Doesn’t Sell CBD Oils

The many benefits of CBD Oil made it into a popular and in-demand product across the globe. But because of its controversial nature, some countries and states in the US consider this product illegal or label it as a controlled substance. CBD Oil is a popular product because it helps individuals suffering from seizures, a fantastic pain reliever, and helps ease anxiety and stress. But even after all its health benefits, Amazon will still not sell this product online.

If you are selling billions of stuff each year and shipping these products out every day, Amazon will make sure that they are not breaking any law, especially a federal law. Since CBD Oil is considered a Schedule I controlled substance, selling these would mean breaking the law. And Amazon simply doesn’t want any of that to happen.

Buying Hemp Oil on Amazon

CBD oil is derived from a non-psychoactive cannabis plant called Hemp. So this means CBD oil will not get you high. THC is the main component in a cannabis plant that will give you the euphoric high, but it is from a different genus of a cannabis plant. The thing is Amazon will not risk breaking the law. To make sure that they won’t get in trouble, they banned everything under the Schedule I controlled substance.

Hemp Oil, on the other hand, is allowed on Amazon. But some companies that sell these hemp oils would also sell CBD oil under the radar. There’s a catch, though, you’re not sure if these products are well-regulated and lab-tested by the company. So there’s a chance you will not get the product that you want.

Joy Organics – A Trusted Company That Sells CBD Oil

Joy Organics is a company that sells pure and potent CBD Oil. Even though they also have a listing on Amazon, they only sell Hemp products there. But if you visit their company, you will find their CBD oil, which is lab-tested and proven not to contain any THC. So you only get a strengthened CBD oil with all its benefits.

So if you are looking for a pure CBD oil that is made out of premium quality hemp, Joy Organics has what you are searching for.


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