Best Contacts You Can Use For Dry Eye’s

Best Contacts You Can Use For Dry Eye’s


Do you experience burning, stinging, and itching in the eyes? Dry eyes cause irritation sometimes when you put the contact lenses. You may also feel inflammation in the eyes.

You should also choose the right lenses for your eyes. If your contact lenses are rigid then it can cause irritation in your eyes. Many contact lenses are specially designed to alleviate eye dryness. 

You can get comfortable lenses for your eyes no matter if you are long-sighted or short-sighted. These lenses help to keep your eyes moist. You can also keep your eyes hydrated and refreshed throughout the day with the help of these lenses.

Dry Eyes And Soft Contact Lenses

Soft contact lenses are best if your eyes are dry as compared to rigid eyes. Special plastics and polymers are used in the soft contact that allows the lenses to be moist by holding water.

Oxygen can pass through these soft polymers easily. Your eyes can breathe also from the penetrating oxygen. The cornea doesn’t have its own blood vessels so it gets oxygen from the air. Oxygen is a special characteristic that contact lenses have especially for dry eyes.

Difference Of Water Content

Content of water differs in various contact lenses. It can vary from 38% to 70%. You should consult a doctor before using the contact lenses that are best for your eyes.

If soft contact lenses contain a higher ‘wetness’ level then it can also make the symptoms of your dry eyes worst. Contact lenses are designed in the way that these lenses can hold 65% water. These lenses wick away moisture and do not depend on the conditions of the environment.

In this way, your dry eyes can manage 65% of water. Contact lenses with a higher amount of water can make your eyes drier but if you use the contact lens with less water then it will make your eyes comfortable. Your eyes can breathe easily with 38% of the water in contact lenses.

Silicone Hydrogel Lenses

More oxygen can enter and then pass through the cornea in silicone hydrogel lenses as compared to regular soft contacts. The content of water in these lenses is low. You can use these lenses for a long period of time and it also depends on the brand.

There are different qualities of silicone hydrogel lenses so choose the best for yourself. Some brands offer you 30 days contact lenses. It means you can wear these lenses for a month during the day and night.

Regular lenses of silicone hydrogel are also available to buy for daily disposal. You can also buy lenses that last for at least one or two weeks. The downside of these lenses is made up of silicon material. 

It is rigid slightly as compared to the soft plastic that regular soft contact lenses contain. But still, it’s soft too. Silicone hydrogel lenses are the best-suggested contact lenses to use for dry eyes. They may not provide you instant comfort.

According to the consumers, the silicone hydrogel lens price is higher than other contact lenses. But these lenses are most commonly used and purchased by customers. The reason could be that these lenses are healthiest for you if you have dry eyes.

Other Best Contact Lenses For Dry Eyes

Water gradient technology has been used in the Alcon Dailies Total1 that keeps the outer surface of your eyes moist by approaching 100% water on the lens outer surface.

Tear-like molecule networks have been used in the Acuvue Oasys 1-Day lenses. HydraLuxe technology prevents the eyes from drying out during the whole day

Use Of Eyedrops 

Choose the right lenses for you to keep your eyes protected from drying out. Eye drops help a lot in reducing the symptoms of dry eyes. The reason for eye dryness is the tear glands that don’t produce enough tears to maintain the moisture of human eyes.

Eye drops are the addition of artificial tears. You may have seen that most of the eye drop products don’t have a clear prescription. But you can choose the best for you from various options when it comes to selecting eye drops.

Always choose the healthy option for your eyes and keep your eyes protected. Check the several options and consult your doctor to select the products for your eyes.

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