Be Secure When You Are… Home Alone!

Be Secure When You Are… Home Alone


Living alone can be an exciting time for independence and learning. It’s a stage in one’s life when freedom and a sense of content are most engendered. But with the perks that living by yourself offers comes the obligation to be more self-aware and vigilant. To take responsibility for your own safety and security.

Here are some pointers on how to feel (and actually be) secure when living alone.

  1. Install Security Cameras

Having some security cameras installed is like having several additional sets of eyes looking out for you and your home. You can check on what’s happening when you’re away and give burglars second thoughts about targeting your home. An increasing number of criminals are being caught through footages gathered from security cameras. And better yet, having your cameras as part of some monitored security systems, guard services and private investigators would seem to have been thrown into the bargain. It would be like having a 24/7 security staff on duty.

  1. Get motion Sensor Outdoor Lights

Train the spotlight on the burglar. Motion sensor lights near every door or window and areas around your home where some bad guy could be lurking will add much security to your property.

  1. Know Thy Neighbors

This may be the age of the internet and social media but nothing beats having some trusty friends close by. You will be able to sleep tight knowing someone is just a scream away.

  1. Your Friends Have Got Your Back

Keep family and dear friends updated on your routine. Let them know too if there are going to be some disruption. Just in case you go missing, you can be sure someone’s going to be looking for you.

  1. Don’t Forget the Garage

We often overlook the garage as a significant entry point into our house. Secure your garage door as you would the front and back doors. Upgrade with an automation and add manual locks for extra security when you’ll be away for a while.

  1.   Keep Yourself Safe

Personal safety alarms and applications give you extra protection in or out of your home. They can be discreetly hidden in your clothing or jewelry and will emit a very loud warning once activated. This can definitely save you by having people within the area know that you are in trouble. Other models can also send instant distress messages to a pre-designated emergency or law enforcement contact list.

It is just so wonderful and liberating to have the freedom to live by yourself. It is an assurance that you will always be in great company. And it could really be empowering. But with great power comes great responsibility. Safety will always be of utmost importance and the highest on the list of priorities. Stay vigilant and never take the little warning signs for granted. For that extra security and peace of mind, consider looking into some personal security plan that suits you.

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