What do you think of Retrofit Locks?

you think of Retrofit Locks


A lock is the main security element of an entrance door in an apartment, house, office, garage, etc. Without words, door reinforcement is also important (shielding, etc.), but when the lock is bad and fragile, even the strongest door will not protect from penetration.

Strength and durability are the two main characteristics of a reliable lock. The main characteristic of the level of protection of the lock against theft is the time of the greatest probability of breakage of the lock mechanism. This can take 5 to 30 minutes. The higher the class of the lock, the more difficult it will be to open it.

Another important parameter is the material of the product. Strong retrofit locks are preferred among lock specialists. According to the recommendations of the lock experts, steel locks are preferred, and fragile soft metal models should be avoided.

What about the type of lock? In total, there are two main types of retrofit locks for entrance doors: cylindrical (locking) and lever.

Dowel locks (cruciform, with a cylinder inside). Such locks have a high degree of protection, but in order to open them without a key, it is enough to hit the cylinder. Therefore, be sure to supplement such a lock with an armor plate.

Lever locks are made up of a series of special plates that align in a specific order when opened. The level of safety of a lever system depends on the number of these plates as well as the material from which they are made. Such a lock is difficult to break, but it can be opened with a master key.

Lever locks are most often used for doors of technical rooms (for example: garages, sheds, etc.)

The most popular type of lock is the combination lock, which uses two systems of mechanisms at the same time: a double cylinder, a double lever, or a cylinder and a lever at the same time. These systems are divided into dependent (these systems block each other) and independent (each system works separately). The interchangeable mechanism can also be a variant of the combination lock. With all the advantages, the combination lock has a number of disadvantages: they are time consuming, expensive and have a complicated installation process.

So what’s the safest way to install a front door lock?

The most optimal and safest option for an entrance door would be to install various types of retrofit locks. Its different types will protect your apartment, house or office from the invasion of thieves, save your property and your nerves as much as possible.

By the way, locksmiths recommend choosing products from European manufacturers who have won the attention of consumers by the reliability of their products. These retrofit locks are made of stainless metals and alloys, and the internal construction provides the highest grade of burglary protection.

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