Uses and functions of garden sheds

Uses and functions of garden sheds


The garden sheds can be useful to collect furniture, deckchairs, inflatables and floats out of season.

Garden sheds

  • Outdoor booths can fulfill different functions that we can divide into three groups:
  • Storage of furniture, garden machinery, tools, accessories for the pool.


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Extra room

Being able to create a play space for children, a guest room, and a DIY workshop.Determining the use that is going to be given is very important to make a good choice at the time of purchase. Knowing what you are going to store in the shed, leaving nothing behind, will help you determine its practical dimensions and choose between different materials and characteristics.

Construction materials

Garden sheds can be made of metal, wood, resin or composite. The metal ones are light, resistant to impacts and corrosion; the heaviest but aesthetic wooden ones; those made of resin, easy to assemble and with zero maintenance. Depending on the use that is going to be given, both materials will be more appropriate.


Wooden garden shed

The wooden huts are visually more attractive but also the heaviest and those that usually require more assembly. We can find both untreated wooden huts and treated wooden huts. The former are cheaper; however, to protect them from moisture, it will be necessary to treat them with varnish or stain before or after assembly. They are the favorites to create guest rooms, work areas.

Steel garden shed

Galvanized metal sheds are light and resistant, both to shock and corrosion; although they are not entirely suitable for areas with saline air. In their favor they also have low maintenance; easy to clean with a hose. Galvanized steel with a silver finish has a contemporary and modern aesthetic, which is why they are common in modern constructions. They are also a favorite for storing motorcycles, bikes and garden tools.

Resin garden shed

The ease of installation and zero maintenance of the resin booths make them a great alternative. They are resistant to salty air, to the incidence of UV rays from the sun and to condensation; so there are no limits regarding its installation. Most include the floor, so you won’t have to do any work to install it. They are usually used to store tools and garden supplies.

Other features

From booths with surfaces of a couple of meters to booths of more than 10 square meters of surface. The market options are very wide and there are several factors that we must take into account to be successful with our purchase. We have talked about the dimensions and the material; but it will also be necessary to look at other details of the design such as what type of door you have or what type of accessories can be adapted to the design.

Accessories for garden sheds

Depending on the size of the objects that we are going to keep in the shed, it will be preferable that it has one or two doors and that these are sliding or folding. It can also be important that the shed has a window if we want to use it as a guest room, workshop or office. If we are going to use it as a storage space, on the other hand, the windows can bother and it will be preferable that they have small ventilation windows.

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