Roger Wolfson Talks About Whether Scripts and Screenplays the Same in The Entertainment Industry

Scripts and Screenplays the Same in The Entertainment Industry


Scriptwriting and screenwriting are generally perceived to be the same. There are some differences between the two. To be specific, one is restricted to the cinema and the other to any other form of entertainment. There are differences between the two, and in order to understand them, one needs to delve further. If you want to become a screenwriter or a scriptwriter, you need to take special training for the same. You should enroll in a good institute with good mentors for learning them in detail. In order to join the entertainment industry, you need to be really good and, of course, love your work to be successful.

Roger Wolfson is an esteemed film and TV writer and formerly served as a staff of the US Senators Kerry, Wellstone, Lieberman, and Kennedy. He is now the head writer of “Crackle,” a TV series on the Sony network. He operates a speechwriting form and is serving as a Commissioner for Animal Services in Los Angeles. When it comes to the term “scriptwriting,” he says it refers to that writing where the writer creates content for recorded or live presentations. This can be for a chat show, dialogue, or even the narrative you see in the daily news bulletin. Again, some people call writing the script for film scriptwriting; however, this script is written for many characters. It does not include all the visuals of the film or the TV show. Scriptwriting focuses on the characters and their actions. It is more about what is said in the movie or set.

Screenwriting is intended for movies only

As the name suggests, screenwriting is targeted at movies only. The content revolves around what is presented on screen. It serves as a complement to the character’s actions. Screenplays describe external components that constitute the movie and is used for the description of dramatic scenes. For instance, it covers the movements of the characters taking place and setting the specific scene for the set.

What is the key difference between the two?

The key difference between the two lies in the function of the writing. The script generally focuses on what the broadcasters or the actors say. It is concerned with dialogue and has very little to engage with setting the specific scene or stage direction. The story here is to relay the main story with the words with it.

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As stated by Roger Wolfson lighting and sound effects have nothing to do with scripting. It can influence it in a small way if needed. The writing is generally directed towards the actors. Whereas, the screenwriter includes the rest of the affairs that have been omitted from the script. The director finds the screenplay useful as it includes everything outside the character’s remit. For instance, screenplay includes special effects, the angle of the camera, and more. Both the script and the screenwriter need to be very talented and skilled writers. The entertainment industry is incomplete without them.

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