5 Pieces of Jewellery For Women with Classic Fashion Persona

5 Pieces of Jewellery For Women with Classic Fashion Persona


Does your shopping tendency revolve around same jeans style and colours? Does your wardrobe rotate between same outfits? Does your go-to statement outfit belong to neutral shades? Well then you belong to a classic fashion persona. To put in simple words, you are someone who prefers attractive but minimalistic fashion elements with timeless approach. And searching for such pieces can be a bit frustrating at times given the fact that most of the shop display items that are in sync with changing trends. Even if you like the minimalistic style approach, your outfits deserve to be complemented with the classic piece of jewellery. And if you are wondering which are the jewellery pieces that will complement your timeless fashion sense without breaking the overall approach.

Here is a list from which you can take a cue for same.

Diamond studs – Diamond studs is the most effortless piece of jewellery that works for anyone and everyone. The dazzling appeal and simplistic approach of the diamond studs make it a classic jewellery that never goes out of fashion. The minimalistic pattern allows you to wear it with any outfit. Moreover, you can wear it with other jewellery as well like a diamond necklace or a diamond bracelet with pendant of any shape or size. Talking of shapes, a round-shaped pair of diamond studs is the most popular design in studs. But recently princess-cut design has been seen trending all over too for its classic elegance. 

Pearl necklace – When it comes to making at style statement at an important meeting or a party, classic fashion is no less than any other jewellery. One of the best examples to prove this is the pearl necklace. The classic pearl stones carry a ladylike charm and thus make the pearl necklace a great choice for any occasion be it a corporate event or wedding.  

Hoop earrings – Hoop earrings have always been in trend, and we are sure you all own a pair of hoop earrings. You can have hoop earrings of different materials, size and embellishments. From gold hoops to diamond studded hoops you can have a collection of different pieces of this pattern to ensure your style statement stays untouched. Make sure you choose the hoop earrings with a comfortable lock system for ease in wearability.

Diamond solitaire pendant chain –Chains with an intricate pendant has been a fashion statement since very long time. Ladies prefer the different types of pendants depending on their personal taste. Some prefer precious or semi-precious gemstones, birthstones or at times a ring. Although, a diamond solitaire pendant chain stands to be the most elegant necklace for its minimalistic charm.

Pearl strand –A pearl strand is the latest addition to the classic jewellery collection. The delicate necklace made of elegant pearls usually comes upto 18 inches. Make sure the pearl strand necklace you choose has pearls with uniform shape, size, colour and lustre. 

There will always be multiple options in market to confuse you but what matters most is the piece you choose must be classic and elegant to complement your timeless style.  

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